Natalie: “I love your workout gloves. They are the same color as my poop.”
Natalie: “When are we going to Disney. It’s been so long.” (We came back this past Saturday)
Liam: “Owwwwie, my (insert body part here) hurts.” This is a typical response to him getting in trouble and him not wanting to do as he’s told. He’s good at this one.
Natalie: “Daddy, did you love playing the Wii when you were a kid?” Wow, am I getting old or something?
Liam: “Boobies.” That’s my boy’s favorite word. No matter what we say to deter it (as we hide the laughter), he continues. He even has a sly grin on his face. Do you know how difficult it is for me not to chant “Liam, Liam, that’s daddy’s boy!”

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