The Sweeney clan at a Santa Brunch in the GC (Garden City, Long Island)

Well, a huge part of my life right now is taking care of the kids. I work at home with my wife on her websites, and (shout out, yo) handling a lot of the mundane stuff she hates to do. I’m very pleased to be able to work for the family and not someone else. It’s a great feeling, with some freedome attached to it.

I also get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my 4 1/2 yr old daughter, Natalie and 2 1/2 yr old son Liam (William, like dad and grandpa). It’s great, but sometimes it’s a bit odd…being one of if not the only guy. Going to Mommy and Me with Liam is great and I love it, but it gets old having all the mommy songs changed to “and daddy.” They are very nice, but after a year and a half I’m pretty much used to being solo. I can mingle with the moms, though, baby, so I’m good.

It’s just a nice thing to be able to spend the time and see them grow, rather than being out of town on business and/or coming home late when they are about to go to bed.

So, in short…guys, try it if you can. I think you’ll reallly enjoy it. And hey, full day Kindergarten is just around the corner, man!

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