Yes, you may or may not know what this about. I do now. Yes, I love being with the kids, but there’s something about the first few days after a week off (and in this case a week prior in Disney) when the kids are back in school. Ahh…it microwaves my frozen VitaMuffin Top through and through. Sure, you may feel a little lousy saying it, but hey, it’s life. It’s tough managing and entertaining little ones when all they want to do it be entertained…all day long. Coming off a Disney hangover is even worse. I mean, how many times can you play tag, hide-and-seek, build snowmen, etc.??? Plus, my daughter just LOVES playdates. She can’t get enough. She gets upset when she leaves one and 5 minutes later is asking to go to someone else’s house. I mean, I’m not good enough? C’mon already, can’t these kids entertain themselves. While it’s not all the time, the TV is a savior in these dire situations. The perfect coma-like induced state. We love Noggin, now Nick Jr., because the shows are sweet, they teach, and there’s NO COMMERCIALS.

To all those feeling the same, don’t be shy. Speak up! Enjoy it a little and hug them when they get home.

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