Well, for foodies perhaps the world over, Miami is looking to put on a show. The annual event, held 2/25-2/28 this year, that seems to become bigger and bigger each year is prepping to bury your tastebuds in goodness. It’s hosted by one of my favorites, the Food Network, and will feature many of the celebs you know and love from the channel.

The event does not seem like it’s for the unemployed auto worker, though, with tickets running upwards of $500 each and meals for 2 often eclipsing the $200 mark. While prices may be down and there may be less excess, it seems that attendance it up. From the Miami Herald:

“In all, about 53,000 people are expected to attend at least one event, with ticket sales generating about $4 million, according to a budget filed with Miami Beach.”

That’s great, I love to see it. Sure, I always hated the want it now, go-go free credit world we lived in for more than a decade, but I still think people should enjoy themselves and indulge in some events like this, just for pure enjoyment. It’s what makes this country (and many others) great. It’s what makes life worth living, be it this or a monster truck rally, a Broadway play, or a baseball game.

Sure, me being from NY, I’m accustomed to some large dinner pricetags (or large pricetags in general), but what do people from all around the country think? Is this pure insanity and needless excess during the “Great Recession?” For me, it’s always the same…if you don’t like it or think it’s silly, then don’t attend, don’t spend $1 on the thing. However, if others want it, like $1000 bottle of Burgundy, $100 burgers, and $275 per person price-fix dinners, then let them have it. I hate when people try to force their ideals on others and don’t let people do what they want to. Anyway, to all attending, enjoy…I’ll be thinking about you!

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