You know which ones are the top offenders, don’t you? The sugary, yet delicious cereals marketed to your kids. You see them all the time on TV and you have to stop and look when in the cereal aisle at the local supermarket. Kids love it, they love the colors, the mascots, the toys, and the sugar. Parents seem to go either way on it. To be honest, if you really look at it, there’s a lot of cereals that are similar nutriionally to the kid-centric cereals. I guess it’s a matter of choice, or perhaps perception. For us, we try to get Cheerios and Rice Krispies, or something more kid friendly like Annie’s and EnviroKids. They love them all the same but these tend to have less sugar, etc. Once in a while, we’ll go for the big hitter…Lucky Charms. That’s the real crowd pleaser. I remember eating all the cereal first to leave a bowl of those awesome marshmallows and pinkish milk. Oh, I did love Cinammon Toast Crunch, too. Gotta love it, and there’s a place for everything, you know? I don’t think I became a raging lunatic cereal (ha, ha) killer because of this, did I?

Anyway, here’s
Time’s list of Top 10 kid-chasing cereals

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