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Now, this is something I can get my hands dirty with. Getting paid to taste Belgium and Belgium-style beers. What a way to be, huh? I have to say that these types of beers are truly some of my favorite kinds. Just great taste and depth to most of them. Those monks really know how to brew it, baby.

The NY Times piece from February 24, 2010 included some greats like Duvel, Brooklyn Brewery, and Maudite. There were also some others I’ve never heard of like Leelanau, Het Anker, and ‘T Gaverhopke.

Ten of the beers were from Belgium, nine were from America, and one was from Canada. All of the beers were viewed as being exceptional, with the best being from the Jolly Pumpkin Brewery in Ann Arbor, MI. Actually makes you want to visit Michigan, doesn’t it? The runner-up was Valeir Divers from Contreras, a small brewery in the East Flanders region of Belgium. Number three came from Alesmith in San Diego with a beer called Horny Devil (’nuff said). Coming in at number 9 was my, perhaps, favorite brewery the Brooklyn Brewery and its Local 1 product.

Now, try to keep in mind, for the most part these beers run at around 9% alcohol or better, similar in content to wine rather than a 3% or 4% Bud Light. I don’t think this should prevent anyone from doing a tasting of their own, strictly for research purposes of course. But perhaps, the tasting lab should be in your, say, basement…with a lot of pizza and a 57″ LCD.

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