My kids absolutely love technology.  They love TV, DVDs, the Leapster, iPod Touch, Nintendo’s DS and Wii, iPad, and the internet. It’s tough to accept fully, really, but I guess it’s the way of the world. They’ll be cranking out PowerPoint presentations and Excel Macros in first grade. They both sit there and drone in front of the TV, if we let them, for hours at a time.  They even had iPads in school now!

Is it good? Not sure. I’d say overall, it’s probably not bad if it’s controlled and monitored.  We don’t allow it to go on for too long. We make sure they run around and play with their toys. Use their minds and imaginations. I think it’s so important. They have to think and let their minds go. I do mind the games less than TV, though Nick Jr. and Sprout is nice, though the really are looking for SpongeBob and the Fairly Oddparents.!

I feel like many of the games and websites really do make them think, which is good. I guess it’s just a different way kids will learn. Rather than just books, which they love as well, there are all these new and exciting things for them. I think we as parents need to keep close watch on them and make sure that this stuff doesn’t take over their lives. Moderation, like with cake and booze, is they key (of course, booze for your toddler is not recommended). We also have to be open to the new world in which they live and have to function in. It’s a connected world…a iPad in every pot, or something like that.

It’s great they are getting used to these things, because it will be an integral part of life…but we make sure they play with their toys, write, draw, read, imagine.  That’s just as important, if not more so.

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