I know how it is today.  I get it. I do.  Let’s face it, men are not the “kings of the castle” as they were in the past…most of the time.  Whether that’s a good thing or not, I’m on the fence about.  But I have to say, while I don’t despise doing it, sometimes I really dislike doing chores/housework.

I understand how many in the past disliked the mundane nature of it all.  It has to get done and someone has to do it.  I just still sometimes have to solidify in my mind that often times enough that person is me.  You have to understand, my dad to this day has not cleaned anything (clothes, a table), changed a diaper, washed any clothes.  It’s such a sonic shift from that to my current status, it’s a real head spinner sometimes.  Am I the man of the house or not???  While it’s so common today, I think a lot of men have a tough time coming home from work and not relaxing, but rather “tagging in” and changing diapers and getting the kids to bed.  It can be tough to accept sometimes.

I think overall I have adopted and accepted this very well.  I do it, and I don’t complain.  Sometimes I may actually enjoy it in a very weird way.

I get that my wife and I are really a team, 100%, but man..sometimes I really wish I could sit on the couch, watch a game, and drink some beer.  “Honey, would you like a sandwich?”  Wow, that would be awesome to hear.  I’m not chauvinist, believe me, man sometimes I wish I was.  I would love to go a week without taking Liam to soccer, loading a dishwasher, and putting away 1000 kid’s clothes.

As I said, most of the time, I really don’t mind it.  My life is a very good one and I appreciate my time with my kids and wife, taking care of the house, helping to run the “family business.”  But every once in a while…a little taste of the ’50s wouldn’t be so bad.

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