Anheuser-Busch—makers of Budweiser (“Bud Heavy”), Bud Select, Budweiser American Ale, Bud Light Lime, Bud Light Golden Wheat, and regular ole Bud Light—are adding a more potent beer to their budding lineup.

Here’s the details:

Alcohol by Volume: Bud Light Platinum 6.0% vs. 4.2% for Bud Light and 5% for Bud Heavy.

Calories:  Bud Platinum:137 vs. Bud Light: 110 and Bud Heavy: 145.

This is another expansion to the Bud Light stable.  Bud Light Lime debuted in 2008 and Bud Light Golden Wheat debuted in 2009.

Platinum is going to be targeted at craft beer drinkers, as sales at the giant Anheuser-Busch InBev continue to see increased competition from smaller brewers including Sam Adams, and imports including Heineken and Corona. As reported, revenues did increase Q3 2011, though sales took another dip (link).

We’ll see.  I hope it’s good.  So far, I think, the attempts to innovate from Bud has been a mixed bag.  I think BL Light is pretty good, though Bud Select doesn’t leave much of an impression.  As with any giant company, continuing to improve and grow is always a challenge.  To be honest, I’ve actually been drinking a tad bit more Bud and Bud Light these days…this is of course because I NEVER used to drink it.  In the past, I was a bit of a beer snob, but have since seen the error of my ways…all things have their place and people need to choose what they like.  I’ve realized that of late…it’s much easier to find  a beer at parties now…

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