I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving to me is the best holiday.  It’s about giving thanks (to God) for all your blessings.  No gifts, no lights, just family and a great meal.  I also love the traditional meal…turkey, cranberry sauce, etc.  I wouldn’t want to alter the majority of it, maybe add a little “spice” to it here and there.

That being said, some people don’t want to do a traditional day.  I, for one, have had awesome experiences with my wife and her slow cooker…you can make almost anything in that thing and it’s typically been great.  I prefer meat like ribs, pot roast, and stews.

I think this piece from Delish.com is a nice mix of the two, traditional meal and slow cooking wonders.  Hot muller apple cider, green bean casserole, walnut-stuffed apples, and a lot more!

I would love to hear if anyone would try any of these out, and it you do…how was it???

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