Recently we received the VTech InnoTab and I have to say, it’s pretty cool.  It really emulates the iPad experience, but on a simplified kid level.  they love it. They pretend they’re on “Facebook” making friends.  They send emails to people.  The play the games.  It’s pretty great, really, since we’d rather not have them touch our actual iPad.  They already play with the iPod Touch, the Nook, and my PC.  Do they need the iPad, too????  Besides, Natalie uses iPads at her school (1st grade already)! You can check out some demos here.

There are great accessories and you can download software, too!  There’s even animated e-books.  If your kids love tech stuff (which, don’t they all?), then this is seriously something to consider for Christmas (and Hanukkah).

Learn more about the InnoTab here.  There’s even a link that let’s you buy it at all your favorite retailers.

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