Yes, I know in year’s past…”long night” would surely have meant tying one on at a watering hole of your choice and eeking your way home just before the sunrises. While I truly do not miss those days, perhaps they were a bit more fun than trying to work until 4AM. Sometimes you just have to get things done, important things, for your business. There is no one else there to do it and no one to cover for you. When it has to get done, it has to get done.

Last night was one of those nights. But…did I have to get up at 7AM to get the kids ready and off to school?

Well, yes…yes I did. I do it every day. Basically, no matter what. This time, of course, Vera was sleeping in the city because of a blow out agenda yesterday and today. I mean, all you want to do is get a little bit of sleep, especially when you’re still immersed in cold/infection-ville.

Somehow, someway, the kids don’t seem to get this. They just keep doing things like waking up, wanting breakfast, needing to get bathed and dressed, and then taken to school. What is up with that? I mean, show some consideration. I was at the computer all night darnit!

Perhaps I could have gone to bed a bit earlier, but things had to get done..and then you get in the zone…and then before you know it you’re cursing yourself for being so stupid and not going to bed and taking it up in the morning. It’s a whole internal conflict thing going on that really never gets rectified…at least for me. Maybe it’s just me.

So, as  you can see, I’m a little punch-drunk this fine, almost 60 degree, morn. That’s ok…isn’t it, skippy?

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