Well, I am so psyched that we will have another little one in the house pretty (hope not too) soon! This will be our third. Natalie is now 7 and Liam, is 5.

I’ve been hoping for a new baby for a while…and she finally bit! Vera and I were both only children (insert jokes here), so we always kind of thought we would have a big family. Some people may think it’s crazy to have 3 or more (especially with her bedrest issues), but I guess we, and everyone in our town is crazy then. We see SO MANY (if not the vast majority) families with 3, 4, even 5 kids, it’s awesome. There are kids crawling all over the place. And by being around it, you really get into it. You see how tough it is, especially when they all have a million and one “appointments” on their calendars. They are shuttled around by you or friends all over town…sports, scouts, music, religion, etc. It can be crazy, it can be frustrating, it can be maddening. But, at the same time, you see all the good things as well.

Unless you have kids, it’s difficult to describe how great it really is, especially when you’re screaming at them for painting the toilet or dropping things on the dogs. There’s nothing quite like it, and there’s not quite like the intense feelings of love and admiration you have for your kids. Why wouldn’t it be MORE outstanding to have another one? Sure, they can be expensive…cut down on the crap. Sure, college will stink…but hey, you make it work.

You make due!  For example, we only have 3 bedrooms…we could have added a second floor on our ranch, we could have converted rooms…we decided to have Liam share with the baby. Cheap, easy, and by most anecdotal accounts…a lot of fun. Screw it…no guilt, no problem…this is the way we want to play it.

So, here we are. Pretty much knowing what to expect, though it’s been a while. A while of no diapers, no waking up, no bottle feedings, no worrying about every little thing. I assume this time we will be more lax, so that should be good…but we’ll see. It’s also cool that the kids are in school all day…it alomost may be easier, kind of. Natalie was the first (crazy) and Liam is only 2 years younger (1 baby, wife on bedrest). This kid is going to get all the attention, at least during the day. I’m interested to see the dynamic and how it plays. Natalie and Liam can’t wait, they are both great with kids…and Natalie thinks she’s a mommy already.

The baby is 24 weeks and a day right now…and it’s a boy…so he’s coming. And I can’t wait.

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