One of our chihuahuas, Jack, is now not only blond, but blue-eyed as well. The ailment is not terrible, but the blue is permanent, which is kind of cool. It doesn’t seem to effect his sight so far, but I am tasked with giving him two eye drops twice a day for the foreseeable future. Jack is pretty chill overall, so it’s not terrible, but I hate to do it. And to make it worse…I have to give him one, get him all nervous and unhappy, them do it all again 15 minutes later. That’s every morning and night. I try to play it off like I’m going to pet him and give him some love, but he knows, he knows. He just rolls over, tries to brace for it, and deals with the annoyance. Sometimes he squirms, sometimes he yelps, sometimes not.

They are over 11 now, so there are issues like this setting in. It’s tough to see the little ones, our first little ones, getting old. They’re still so small, so they look like puppies. I guess it’s part of life…we all get old, right? Still doesn’t make it any less shocking…

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