Wipes, anyone? Diapers? I know about these two products all too well…and who does it better than Pampers? We are a Pampers family. We love how soft Pampers wipes are for Caleb while standing up to the mess, never shredding or tearing. They are tough, just like little Caleb. Plus, Caleb loves the taste (that was a joke). The stronger the wipe, the less you have to actually wipe…which is just a better deal for everyone, isn’t it?

My wife, Vera, is a part of the Pampers Baby Board and flew to Cincinnati to visit P&G headquarters. The entire Pampers Baby Board got to vote on which designs they liked best and Vera’s designs were chosen! She’s pretty psyched, so I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys.


If that’s not enough to get you on board, then here’s a great little video, check it out:


So, we’re hosting this contest on THREE BLOGS…Lady, Girl, and Guy and the Blog. Yes, I know, it’s almost too much for you all to handle, but it is, in fact, quite true.

Enter below! One (1) lucky reader will receive the following prize pack, which includes a whole bunch of kiddie awesome:

  • Pampers Swaddlers in Size of Choice
  • 3 Packages of Pampers Wipes
  • Picnic Plus Basket
  • Mega Mat Folded Picnic Blanket
  • Summer Infant ChangeAway Changing Kit
  • Munchkin Bowls, Cups, and Spoons
  • Joovy Boob Baby Bottle
  • Ylvis What Does the Fox Say Story Book
  • Skip Hop Owl Chime Ball
  • 30-Piece Whale Puzzle
  • Polaroid 300 Instant Camera & Film

Pampers Wipes Baby Package

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