Pinterest is pretty cool. It seems that a lot of guys are not really into it, but maybe that’s changing. Check out some of the good stuff: 

Fav Pins 11-6-14 Collage

1. Stone Street, downtown NYC, no cars, lots of bars…great place..

2. Fries? Avocado? How could this not be tremendously awesome?

3. Every team’s Super Bowl Records…nice visual, though it may be a bit out of date…SEA has at least 1 win. What can you do?

4. Post-It Notes gone wild…imagine cleaning this up? And the time it took to do it in the first place?

5. NY Giants license plate, uh, mosaic. Only because it’s the G-Men.

6. I mean, I really dream about going to Scandnavia. I can’t imagine how amazing Ålesund, Norway is.

7. Sharon Stone…still a stunner after all these years.

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