wisdom experience

It’s funny, the more you age, the more you live, and the more you are a parent, the more you realize that your parents were NOT complete morons. They lived their lives and wanted to share some valuable insights. Your youth and ignorance made it all seem buffoonish and “too old school.” They didn’t know what they were talking about, but you in all you in all your infinite wisdom most certainly did. Been there, done that…not really…but you just knew anyway.

Well, today I’m 38, been married 13 years (in a week), have 3 kids, 2 dogs, own a house, and have been there and done that…yet still don’t know all that much. It’s funny how I know so much more, yet also know I know not nearly enough. I guess this is the most important part about growing old and gaining even a little bit of wisdom.

The older I get, the more I know that it’s so much better to be older. “The kids” rally have no clue, and I’ve begun to not only accept that, but to revel in it. I can see how the older people I’ve known and know see things this way. They know, because they’ve lived. Sure, there are exceptions to any and all rules, but man…I can’t see this not being a pretty good measuring stick for the most part.

I mean, really, as you get older, don’t you just feel better knowing what you know? Sure, it stinks when you tell your kids something and, deja vu, they think you are a complete know-nothing? All you can do is do your best to communicate and prove to them that you are not, but really…they have to learn the hard way, just like we did.

I’m pretty damn happy to be 38, on the way to 40 and middle age-dom. It helps that I’m friends with a lot of 40 somethings, and hey…they aren’t dead yet…LOL.

So all of you 30-40 somethings or more out there…revel in your life experience and in what you know that you know…no matter how many young whipper-snappers tell you otherwise!

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