How do you parent? What do you do or whom do you listen to for advice? How do you know what is good and what is bad? It’s a never ending saga, one that I doubt I will ever even come remotely close to figuring out. Sure, perhaps I can delude myself into thinking I am the best dada (Caleb’s seeping into my brain) in the world, with no match or peer anywhere. I actually kind of like the sound of that. You can just call me the Big BDitWwNMoPA for short.

Anyway, for those of you that are not the Big BDitWwNMoPA, there may be some hope for you just yet. Here’s some knowledge from a few of my friends, the help you get by…get the pun there? We’re going all visual this time!

  1. I’d say you can’t start planning or preparing too early (credit):Kid and zombie
  2. Ouch, but this just kills you with the truth, doesn’t it? (credit)never sleep again baby meme
  3. No, really, why is there so much stuff, so much disorder, so much…actual parenting
  4. Oh, like this doesn’t happen. You know it does (credit):head stepper parenting
  5. As much as we would all like to say we’ve never done this, keep this to a minimum…baby mouse pad

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