I think anyone with kids find things that are annoying but find many more things lovable and endearing. I would hope there are more good than bad at least. I’d say the way the little ones say certain words as they are learning to talk has to be my favorite. And everyone’s favorite has to be Caleb calling a “bus” a “but(t)”, whichever butt you prefer. It was so sweet whenever he would get excited about seeing the butt. It made everyone laugh hysterically and shout out butt, butt! It’s the best.

Well, either he’s growing up or too many renditions of The Wheels on the Bus and out of nowhere, last night, he starts saying bussssss. Very clearly and deliberately. Busss…it was like a dagger in the heart.

All night and this morning we keep saying butt. We sing”the wheels on the butt go round and round. We keep trying to drill the wrong pronunciation in this boy’s head. Is it wrong, I don’t think so. He’ll learn the right way eventually…there’s not too many college kids calling a bus a butt. He refuses to humor, us, though. He’s being so selfish, trying to say the word correctly.

We want to hold on to the little things of babydom as much as possible. Time if flying, he’s almost 2 years old, and he won’t truly be the little baby any more..he’ll be a toddler, or whatever the label may be. I’m not quite ready to let the little baby go just yet.

Butt, Caleb, say butt.

Butt to Bus Crying Collage

Butt Source/Bus source/Crying man source

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