I enjoyed being a part of the Every Day, Care project with Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. The assignment was very broadly structured, so all options and ideas are my own. 

So, if you recall, I was asked to take part in the Whirlpool® Every day, care™ campaign. I loved the concept then and I love it even more now. Why you say? It’s Christmas (and holiday) season, baby! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! It’s magical in so many special ways. There seem to be tons and tons of fun activities to partake in that it almost seems to too much to handle. Most of all, it’s just so much about spending quality, lasting moments with your family and friends. Your little ones grow up so stinking fast, it’s scary. In my opinion, this time of the year is just so much about family holiday traditions that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Christmas Decorating 2014 2 Collage

Every day, care™ is just a part of it all, naturally. From the little traditions, like baking that certain sugar cookie you make every year or always remembering to move the elf (this is a tough one) to the family trips you will take to see Santa, to cut down a tree, or to simply find an excuse to spend the day together. The thought and love you put into it all comes bursting through yet I doubt most people really think of it in that way at all.

Hicks Display 1 2014 Collage

For my Every day, care holiday tradition, I wanted to share our annual decorating of the house and our trip to a local gardening center/nursery that really does it up for Christmas!

Each year, typically the day after Thanksgiving, we all decorate the entire house. It can be a lot, but it’s always so much fun. We blast Christmas music, drink hot cocoa, and just enjoy the day. We make a point to talk about Christmas’s past and how it’s not all about getting gifts but about sharing with family and about celebrating the religious parts of the day. It’s just a fun and cozy, Norman Rockwell kind of deal…and I love it.Hicks town 2014 Collage

We then go out to a local nursery and enjoy their holiday decorations, shop, Santa, and walk-through exhibit. It’s just so festive and so much fun, the kids absolutely adore it. We don’t buy much, if anything. Again, it’s about spending the time together and just seeing their faces light up with joy. To be able to give them that each year is just such a wonderful gift.

We try to top the day off with the annual ritual of taking the Christmas card picture. That’s always a good time, and with the little one in the mix, it’s always a raucous event…LOL.  Many stunts, crazy noises, and child placements later, we typically have some great shots perfect for a laugh and ready to be sent out to the world. (This one didn’t make the final cut…)

Elf PJ pic 2014 Collage

With Every day, care…you have to just keep in mind at all times that it’s not just the gift-giving season, but also truly the care giving season. It’s about making memories and showing you care. It’s about the holiday in the truest, most unadulterated sense of it all. Forget shopping and stress, just do the little things that make the holidays that much better, that much more loving. It’s the only thing you and your family will remember as times passes by.

The Every day, care™ Project from Whirlpool® celebrates the simple acts of care that enrich and nourish the lives of those we love. Are you ready to show how much you care? Click here to check out the Every day, care™ website and see how the little things can add up to big changes.

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