Well, I don’t want to jinx it, you know like the entire Northeast of America did in December 2014 when we all kept saying how nice and mild the winter has been, but it seems like this latest kick-butt winter is coming to a blessed end. The winter in the NE started out pretty good, but then mid January, something changed. God and Mother Nature got together and said people were a little too content and there needed to be some good, old fashioned, down and dirty winter weather. And we got it…and then some. I don’t recall a winter where the snow was on the ground continuously for about 2 mos straight. Yes, I do like the snow…playing in it, having it brighten up winter nights. It’s a nice thing to see, until it turns to ice and becomes brown/black. The first snow it still on the ground, much like Minnesota (though that is about Sept to April or May), is still on the ground. But it’s melting, and so is all the ice.


The coats are getting a little lighter, the wool hats (this is the first winter I’ve worn a hat in decades) have been put in the closet for now. All things seem to be getting back to the normal 40-50 degree temps we typically see. People are out, short sleeves and shorts are even making an appearance for some. People feel good and it shows. But in defense of the cold, it’s a great reason to stay in with the family, spend some time with some hot chocolate and a roaring fire. You snuggle a bit more and don’t run out of the house quite as quickly. Maybe along with the Earth, this is the way that people tend to renew things in their lives. Maybe we don’t realize it, but perhaps we get a little closer, even if it’s just a little bit. One good snowball fight or snowman making session goes a long way. People bond more when they have a common enemy to gripe about. For these little, background reasons, maybe I’ll miss the nasty winter just a little bit…but I sure as heck can’t wait for no coats and driving with the windows down…and the fond memories from the rear view (kind of like when your newborn keeps waking you up at all hours) of the winter that was when the kids were still little enough to enjoy it.

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