We have a lot going on. We are lucky. Most days you forget and you think it’s annoying, but it’s not. We have to get over it. We get sent product to review, we get nice stuff, we have three kids, we work from home. It’s never going to be perfect, but we try. We’ve been much better at it the last few months, and sometimes the kids even act like they give a crap (sometimes). There is a need to be orderly, neat, clean. To have a nice house that looks and feels like a civilized human group inhabits it. I get it and I’m all in.


But sometimes, there just has to be an acceptance of mess. Kids are playing, working is being done, and there’s a mess. So what? Will you die? Will the kids die? Will Architectural Digest decide to pop in on you that day and poke around? I’d say we’re all pretty safe. So maybe, when things are a little crazy, and you just need a break…and need to relax. Just let the mess be. Let it live, let the kids enjoy. Let it envelope the house. Who cares? There’s always tonight (I hate going to be with a mess) or even tomorrow to get it right.

C’mon now, sing it…”clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere…”

Just let it be. Enjoy the mess. It won’t be there forever, and not even all that long. Again, the days get shorter and the time moves faster. Revel in babydom and kiddom. You’re only a parent of a baby or kid for so long. Maybe you’ll even kind of like it (for a little at least).

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