Lindt Easter Bunny and Chick Collage

Who doesn’t love chocolate? That’s right…no one. Who doesn’t love really good chocolate? Who doesn’t love getting chocolate for Easter? Again and again, no one I say! Well, maybe I’m speaking for myself, but getting that basket full of goodies just before getting dressed up for Easter Sunday mass was and is very special to me. It’s Easter, a time of rebirth, a time to celebrate life, spring, and more. A celebration is more than in order!!

Hop into the spring season with the arrival of the Lindt Easter collection. Make premium Lindt chocolate part of your Easter traditions, whether you are filling baskets, hosting egg hunts, or creating holiday memories with family and friends. The Lindt Easter collection, featuring the most premium chocolate taste experience, has something to help sweeten everyone’s Easter celebrations. The iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY, LINDOR Milk Eggs, and adorable Lindt Mini Chicks and Lambs will help make this Easter unforgettable!

Lindt Easter Ears and Mini Eggs Collage

Lindt Chocolate has all your Easter bunny goodie goodies ready and waiting for you to give out and share some smiles! Lindt has been mastering the art of chocolate since 1845, so you know you’re in the very best hands. The look of joy and surprise on their faces would be worth it alone…and then maybe sampling a bite or 10 from them after they open it all up wouldn’t hurt either. I mean…be honest…wouldn’t you love to give and get something like this?

Just check out some of their awesome Easter lineup and tell me you could resist.

  • Lindt GOLD BUNNY (3.5 oz and 7 oz): The iconic Lindt GOLD BUNNY is the perfect centerpiece for any Easter basket or celebration. This premium, hollow 3.5 oz bunny is available in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate, and the hollow 7 oz Lindt GOLD BUNNY is available in Milk Chocolate. SRP: $3.99 and $7.49
  • Lindt GOLD BUNNY All Ears (1.7 oz): Get playful this Easter season and dress up with Lindt GOLD BUNNY. The iconic, hollow 1.7 oz Milk Chocolate bunny comes packaged with plush GOLD BUNNY ears so you can bring the Easter spirit to life. The Lindt GOLD BUNNY All Ears makes for a fun addition to any Easter basket and will provide entertainment for all at your Easter celebrations. SRP: $6.99
  • New! LINDOR Mini Egg Bags (4.4 oz): Add a touch of Lindt to your Easter basket! The LINDOR Mini Egg bags come in both Milk Chocolate and Assorted varieties, and are great for a mini personal indulgence or as a colorful addition to Easter baskets of all sizes. SRP: $3.99 each
  • New! LINDOR Milk Eggs (0.99 oz): The new LINDOR Milk Eggs will make for the ultimate smooth melting indulgence to enjoy on your own or share with loved ones! Individually wrapped, the Milk Chocolate LINDOR Milk Eggs are the perfect Easter treat. SRP: $0.69
  • New! Lindt Little Chick (3.5 oz and 1.7 oz): Lindt Little Chick is the cute, new Easter creation for families to enjoy! Created with the finest Milk Chocolate, this playful figure is lovingly dressed with a ribbon and will be a sweet addition to all Easter celebrations. Lindt Little Chick is available in a 3.5 oz Milk Chocolate hollow figure or in a package of five mini Milk Chocolate hollow figures. Available exclusively at Target. SRP: $3.99 each

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The 2015 Lindt Easter collection is available at retail locations nationwide, Lindt Chocolate Shops, and Go right now (before 4/2/15 at midnight PT) to get 25% off your order!!!

One (1) lucky reader will win a great assortment of Lindt Chocolates!

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