Ok people. You know I love to support the locals, so I’m back with this week’s Long Island beer of the week. Now, I know much of what they brew is contracted out in CT, they are brewing at home and are increasing capacity as we speak…take it easy.

Montauk Brewing Co.

Montauk Brewing Company (MBC) came on the LI scene in 2012 as a “laid back” spot that reflects the awesomeness of it’s hometown digs, Montauk “The End.” If you’ve never been, let checking out MBC be your excuse to hit it up. It’s a hike from NYC, but man it’s worth it. Just a really great place that’s low-key with fisherman, surfers, hipsters, and everything else mixed it. Good times.

Montauk Brewing Co. Driftwood Ale facts

Now, onto the brew. Dirftwood Ale is the first release from MBC. This English-style Pale Ale is very reserved (cheerio) in it’s hopsy punch. Yes, there’s that classic pale ale bite that we expect, but this still leaves room for your taste buds to enjoy the malty side of things. Since it’s not as aggressive, yet flavorful, this is really a beer where a sixer doesn’t have much of a chance…especially on a nice, warm day. So refreshing, like a Ditch Plains wave. Without all the hops, it’s very drinkable and does not have a strong after taste, so it’s great with food, too.

Montauk Brewing Co Driftwood Ale pic

To find out more about Montauk Brewing Company’s good suds (like their Summer Ale and Session IPA) and cool vibes, visit:

montauk point lighthouse

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