Lighting is such an important aspect of a person’s home, and therefore, their existence. I know this more and more as I live completely and thoroughly in the this blogging world of ours. All the pictures, all the video, all the long days and all the travel make lighting am absolutely HUGE part of our life. Having just the right amount of light and having the best possible control over that light is key to it all. As with all technology, there seem to be more and more improvements with lighting and lighting control every day. One in particular has been really pretty awesome for me and the Sweeney family.


Lutron, the founder of the light dimmer, has created products that make it easy and affordable for anyone to have a smart home, and install it themselves! Yes, I know, I know…electricity is scary to more people (and to me) but certain things CAN actually be pretty easy. Anyway, recently named the Lighting Control Product of the Year in this year’s Mark of Excellence Awards at CES, Lutron’s Caséta is perfect for dimming lights for a movie or setting the scene for dinner guests. For day to day activities, turning the lights on as you drive into the driveway, and being able to turn the lights off from bed are additional benefits!

Caséta Wireless is an affordable, easy-to-install connected home collection of wireless dimmers, controlled via the Lutron Smart Bridge and free app.Caseta is compatible with their Serena Shades, Nest Learning Thermostat, AT&T Digital Life, Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats, Wink and Staples Connect, and will soon have a channel on IFTTT. Caseta is synching up with Apple by allowing consumers to control the lighting in their homes through the Apple Watch, too!  How cool is that…no matter what type of tech you use or gravitate to, it seems Caseta has got you covered.

Check out the story of Caséta Wireless here:


Be honest, are you whistling? Are you vibing, even just a little bit? Dude! That’s how you’ll feel all the time when you get these bad boys set up in your house and you have all the control! It will change your life, plus you’ll feel like your super cool in a Star Trek movie. Dick Tracy anyone? It’s wild, but it makes life just that much easier, just that much better.

Here are some of Caséta Wireless products:

  1. Caséta Wireless in-wall dimmers: control overhead lights and work with the newest energy-saving bulbs. They do not require a neutral wire, so they easily replace any existing light switch.
  2. Caséta Wireless plug-in lamp dimmers: plug into a standard wall receptacle and provide control of table and floor lamps. They are designed to control two lamps simultaneously with dual plug-in receptacles.
  3. The Pico remote control: features a 10-year battery life can be used as a hand-held remote to control dimmers, or it can be surface mounted to the wall, attached to a car visor, or placed on a tabletop pedestal.
  4. The Lutron Smart Bridge, which uses Lutron’s proprietary ClearConnect® Wireless technology, plugs easily and directly into a home’s Wi-Fi router. Installed and set up in less than 30 minutes, the product sends wireless, radio frequency (RF) communication signals to compatible Lutron devices inside the home. The wireless Smart Bridge and free software application connects Lutron’s Caséta ® Wireless dimmers, Pico® remote controls, Serena™ remote-controlled shades, and other third-party devices.

Do yourself a favor and give it a shot. If you don’t want to do it yourself, which you could and should, get some help from a friend. Hang out, install the Caséta, set up the app, and see what happens. It’s worth a shot and worth the time.

Ok, where do you get it?

Caséta™ Wireless dimmers are available at:

  • Home Depot, Home Depot Canada, Staples stores and Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers
  • Lutron Authorized Lighting Showrooms, Distributors, Dealers in US and Canada

The Smart Bridge is available:

Serena® Battery-Powered Roller Shades are available:

  • On and on
  • Select Home Depot, Home Depot Canada, Select Lowe’s stores and Best Buy Magnolia Design Centers
  • Select Lutron Authorized Lighting showrooms, Distributors, Dealers

Let me know how if goes if you do it. You’ll thank me for it!!

To find out more about Lutron and Caséta Wireless, please visit:

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