I am excited to be able to customize my TV package thanks to Verizon FiOS®, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #CustomTV

I think that most of us like what cable TV offers. It’s like a massive universe of seemingly endless entertainment. There are so many channels now that it’s almost impossible to not find a channel, or at the very least, a bunch of shows that don’t tickle your fancy. I mean, it’s 100s of channels mostly running 24 hours a day. Even 2AM infomercials can be a darn good watch. I am very partial to the sports channels and the channels that include home improvement/house shows. When I actually get a chance to sit down and watch a program (whenever that it), I usually go to the same few channels. Vera, as you could imagine, is never really thrilled when I try to pop on the game as she’s all about sci-fi, zombie apocalypses, and vampire-teen dramas.

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As great as it may be to have all these choices and options, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming and difficult to actually find shows that are really of interest to you. Then, as you all know, the bill comes and it’s never ceases to amaze me. I mean, I like options, but there are just so many channels I literally will never in my life watch that I’m paying for each month!

Well, my cable-loving compatriots…there’s some really stellar news coming out of the Verizon FiOS® camp. It’s called Verizon FiOS® Custom TV and it looks like it’s pretty awesome. Verizon FiOS® listened to what customers like me had to say and they delivered big-time. It’s innovation time, baby as Verizon is the only pay-TV provider to introduce tailored TV packages. It’s amazing since it’s giving customers like you and me more of a choice! Yes, yes…I said a choice.

Dude…this is an entirely new way to buy TV, and it’s only from Verizon FiOS®. Plus, it’s actually available to both new customers as well as existing customers…which is pretty rare for most deals these days.

Here’s how it works, it’s easy:

  • Customers will select a package comprised of a Base package of 36 pre-selected channels, plus local broadcast channels, and at least two Channel Packs out of a choice of seven
  • If a customer chooses a Base package plus two Channel Packs, the price is $54.99 (standalone).
  • If the customer chooses to add additional channel packs beyond the first 2, they are just $10 each
  • The categories for the Channel Packs are:
    • Kids
    • Pop Culture
    • Lifestyle
    • Entertainment
    • News & Info
    • Sports
    • Sports Plus    

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So, it’s just that simple. It’s the best way to find the types of channels you want to watch, and pay for exactly that…and not for the channels you don’t care about. I mean, you get to pick what clothes you want to buy and wear, or what food you want to cook or order, so why can’t you actually just pick which channels you want to have??? And this choice may actually save you some cash, which for a cheapskate like me, is pretty darn important.

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