Nexpaq Modular Cell Phone Case


We pretty much all have mobile phones these days. I love my iPhone 6…I probably, sadly, would have a very difficult time living without it. With all phones, come the need for a phone case, right? Especially with kids (or late nights with friends), you need to do your best to keep that sucka from crashing, cracking, and burning. Then where would you be…lost, alone, confused, not able to immerse yourself in virtual friendships and con conversations. Nobody wants that. However, even the best cases add unwanted bulk to the phone. It would be nice if the case, at least, provided some kind of cool benefits.

Enter the Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case. Check out how cool this thing is. It’s a smartphone case that puts you in control. Pimp out your phone with add-on memory, battery capacity, a temperature and humidity sensor, flash storage, a breathalyzer, an amplified speaker, and more. It’s crazy…and looks really easy to work with.

nexpaq phone case kickstarter



It seems like their KickStarter campaign went well (1,934 backers pledged $279,758), so we should be seeing these in stores and online pretty soon.

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