I used to be in good shape, then I wasn’t, then I was, not I’m not. So is the way of my life. For various reasons, both good and bad, my fit level tends to be like a roller coaster. I am not back into fit mode, and for various reasons.



First, I’m 38 and soon to be 40. Kid time is over and your body changes. I have to change with that. I’m not going all wheat grass and SoulCycle now, but I have to make some better choices. It can be difficult, as tasty, unhealthy food beckons, parties are to be attended, quick meals due to little time happens, and I get comfortable with it all.

Second, I want to make sure I look good…not for anyone else, but just for myself. It sucks when your clothes are too tight, and I’m way to cheap to go get new ones. It’s not a bad thing to look good, and put together. It makes a person feel better about themselves, which is never a bad thing.

Finally, it’s all about the wife and kids. If the family is not happy with things, than I think you need to make a change. The kids are getting older and more in-tune with the real world. Parents need to set an example. Dad should be in shape just like I want the kids to be. Not too much junk for anyone! They pick up on everything and I would hate for them to pick up on a piggy, unhealthy lifestyle. Plus, it’s always a good thing to have your wife think you’re in good shape…if you know what I mean.

So…it’s better eating for me. Less snacking on garbage, more on good stuff. It’s no seconds most of the time and it’s less beer during the week. It’s less carbs, but not no carbs. It’s more salad and grilled chicken in stead of fried stuff. I’m down 7 pounds in 2 weeks and I see a little difference. I feel better too…physically, mentally.

I’m in the zone and I’m not getting out. Once I reach my goal, I have to maintain it…and maintain it for life. Yes, I’ll still go to parties and enjoy myself…that’s what life is about! You can’t deny everything and not take advantage of some of the pleasures God has blessed us with. But…you have to make up for it when it’s just a ho-hum, normal day. That’s really the key. Everyday is not a party or celebration. I also have to squeeze in some exercise whenever I can…that will be tough, but it has to happen.

There’s no great secrets or revelations here, just a realization about my life. I know it doesn’t have to happen this month, it’s a long road. It’s journey-time, people…time to look like a rockstar baby!

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