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My daily life seems to include a good amount of cleaning. A lot. It never goes away, it needs to get done day in and day out…no matter what. Since I’m working from home, of course, there’s no place to hide. There’s all types of cleaning and maintenance to work on when you have a home. Plus, those 3 little people I call my kids somehow have a lot to do with creating much of what needs to be cleaned, too (go figure).

When it comes to handling household cleaning activities, most people look to Mom; however, according to the 2015 Merry Maids Father’s Day Survey, conducted by Merry Maids, the nation’s leading home cleaning company, nearly all dads surveyed (96 percent) say moms and dads share the home cleaning responsibilities. Furthermore, 22 percent of dads surveyed say “no way” to the myth that they are messier than moms, including this guy. Respondents said they learned a lot from their dads about cleaning, with reminders to keep outdoor spaces clean and organized (40 percent) and to clean as you cook (39 percent) being the top-rated tips.

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As with any other tasks in life, experience leads to learning, which leads to teachable items to pass along to your kids. Cleaning efficiently and effectively would be no different. You need to know some best practices and you need to implement them correctly! I learned this from my dad a long time ago. Sure, he was more of an “old school” guy…a cop that went to work while my mom was home until I was in high school, taking care of the home. It worked, but I always remember some of the tips my dad would lay out for me. Things like, when you are working with your tools (or playing with toys), be sure to put them back as soon as you are done using them, even if you are going to use them again. Also, be sure to keep everything in it’s place, clearly marked and labelled so there’s always less to clean and to lose. He also showed me things that were very specific, like cleaning your paint brushes and trays immediately after your done painting, then wrapping the brushes in wet paper towel to keep it clean and to prevent it drying out too much (keep those things working as long as you can).

Because of the lessons I learned from my dad, and my more involved cleaning activities, I feel like I need to impart some tips to my kids as well. Plus, as they get older, I think it’s really important that they take some responsibility for themselves and clean after themselves and do some chores around the house. I also make sure that every toy has it’s place, and that all like toys are together…why have to search for everything all the time? It’s an ongoing process, let’s just say that. Meditation anyone?

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As you can, the dads of the world are fully involved in cleaning all types of things inside the house and out these days. Although dads are demanding to get some credit for their work around the house, over a quarter of dads surveyed (27 percent) admit the top cleaning tip they learned from their own fathers was to hire a professional cleaning service. So this Father’s Day…give dad his housekeeping dues, get him some professional help…and maybe a day off!!

To celebrate the roles dads play in our homes and all the fatherly cleaning advice they impart, Merry Maids is hosting giveaways throughout the entire month of June on Facebook as part of their Merry Maids Father’s Day Program. Consumers can visit the Merry Maids page to share their dads’ best cleaning tips and enter for a chance to win a Merry Maids cleaning and a tool kit!!

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