We are in the heat of summer fun right now. The kids are done with school, the temperature has risen, the sun is shining, and parties to to be attended all week long. It’s awesome, it’s the best…and it essential for childhood and all those great memories.

Now, think about all those good times you’ve had and plan to have. You have friends, family, suncreen, good food…and good tunes. What’s summer without music? The two go hand-in-hand. Sometimes, though, your hosts may not be on top of things or you are just really a pain when it comes to what you like to listen to and what you think the gathering really needs! it’s a pain to tote around all the tunes, and your phone speakers just don’t really do the trick (weak).

The party must go on, though, folks.

I know just the way that you and your family can bring the party along, anywhere this summer. Hello people, it’s with some sweet, ultra compact Bluetooth speakers! Monster SuperStar™the world’s smallest Bluetooth speaker with audiophile sound is calling you…and you need to pick up the phone.This pocket-size, water-resistant portable speaker is smaller than most smartphones; but has larger than life sound, filling the room or outdoor space with acclaimed PureMonster Sound™. It has the clarity, dynamics, articulation and tight bass that you’d only expect from a full-size speaker. It really rocks…and once you hear it and get a chance to live with it, it’s a no-brainer. It’ll be attached to your hip just like your phone is.

Monster Speaker Collage

In addition to all of the great features I’ve talked about, it’s also a speakerphone. It sports a built-in mic with Monster’s exclusive voice technology that means easy speakerphone calls that let you hear every word. Take handsfree calls from any Bluetooth phone, including Apple and Android, so you can get some work done while you’re working on your tan! As with all Monster speakers, it comes packing that acclaimed Pure Monster Sound™.

Available in neon blue, neon pink, neon green, or gray, Monster SuperStar™ may be purchased at Walmart or Walmart.com from $75.99.

Monster Waterproof Speaker Collage

If that was not enough awesome for you, then how about the amazing Monster SuperStar™ BackFloat™ Bluetooth waterproof speaker!! This high-performance, rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker that actually floats in the pool or bath! Hello, could there be a better summer party speaker than this…especially when you have 3 kids that love to drop and/or throw things like I do! This also has the amazing speakerphone feature that the SuperStar has!

Available in neon blue, or neon green, the Monster SuperStar BackFloat may be purchased at MonsterProducts.com for around $149.95.

No matter which speaker you choose, make sure it’s part of all of your summer fun times. BBQs, picnics, pool parties…bring you and your family’s summer soundtrack with you, where ever you go!! To find out more, check out:

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