I love the summer more and more it seems since the winters on Long Island have been more and more bitter these last few years. Nasty cold, snow, ice, and darkness has begun to lose it’s appeal (was there ever any). The heat, sun, and long days just seem to make for a much happier and healthier life in so many ways. The kids are home, they can’t play enough, and there’s always something going on somewhere. People just take to it all and really try to max out their experiences and good times before the mercury drops and the leaves start to turn. The race is on for enjoyment…picnics, BBQs, beachin’, playing ball…it’s in full swing and should very well be! It’s the best.

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Now, not to be a wet blanket, but with al this heat and outdoors activity, you have to take care of yourself. Don’t run yourself into the ground and get dehydrated. It’s a serious thing not to be taken lightly. You have to be vigilant and drink, drink, drink. But you can only drink so much water…and that doesn’t always do the job. Plus, to be honest…I need some taste!!!

I have a trick for you…suck down some Pedialyte. Huh…did he say Pedialyte? Indeed I did, my thirsty friends. For years, Pedialyte has been the #1 pediatrician recommended oral electrolyte solution, but it’s NOT just for kids!! Is tried and true formula has been around for nearly 50 years to rehydrate people of all ages.This product is great for you and everyone in your family. You may not know it, but the facts are the facts…Pedialyte has half the sugar and 2x the sodium of other traditionally recommended drinks (e.g., juice, soda) to promote absorption and helps replenish more of what people lose from dehydration. Dude…this is serious business. Did you know that Pedialyte is as effective as an IV in cases of mild to moderate dehydration?

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Toting along some Pedialyte is a no-brainer, especially with the convenience of Pedialyte Powder PacksIt’s so ridiculously simple and easy to incorporate into your life…you just have to do it. You have to keep hydrated to keep healthy, so why not make it easy on yourself too? Great hydration, on-the-go…you know, in between piano lessons, soccer practice, summer camp, and playdates.

In addition to all the other benefits I’ve laid out…there are new flavors that adults will love – strawberry lemonade and orange! These are made specifically for adults to take advantage of…and to love. They even come in bigger and better sizes for us adults…0.6 oz vs. 0.3 oz!!

While we’re talking here, let’s be honest. Summer is a time for good times. There’s a lot of eating and drinking. Much merriment is had by all. You just can’t be this. But mixing merriment, sun, and heat can often lead to, um, undesirable results. You know what I mean? Pedialyte is the perfect cure for what ails you. Drink some before you go to sleep and when you wake up…you’ll feel 1000 times better. Trust me… ;o)

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