It’s Back-to-School time, baby! There are so many choices when it comes to your kids clothes, it can make your head spin. Thankfully, I always bank of my wife Vera to know what’s up. I asked and she told…it’s all about Kmart this year!! She was ga-ga over all the amazing finds, and I have to agree. The kids looked pretty darn sharp. Nice looking clothes, for sure. I was most happy to find out how much this all tallied up to at the end of the day. I am a thrifty man. I’m happy to report that the prices were RIGHT. Take a look below…all of it was under $80. Under $80? Sign me up and thank you Kmart. Here’s a full list of everything that Vera brought home for Natalie and Liam:



The sneakers and the camo hoodie were a crowd favorite. I think Liam felt tough and Natalie is ALWAYS about the dresses. She’s a girly girl…I love it.


Natalie loves this dress, she’s worn it over and over again. It’s the PERFECT dress for girls. It’s pretty, it looks great, and it fits right. She can wear it to the movies or to the playground. 

Yes, I have a girly girl who still likes to climb trees, ride scooters and chase after her two brothers. So, she’s a little bit of “this” and a little bit of “that.” Kmart is the spot apparently to fit this bill!

kmart_back_to_school_5 natalie

Natalie was also pleased that the sweater looked great with the dress…she’s always cold like her mother. So help me.


Liam was all about being an Army man in his camo. He also loves sweats. He can’t stand collars, jeans, or anything that is not completely laid back and comfortable. This was perfect, and you can’t beat the prices at Kmart.

kmart_back_to_school_3 kmart_back_to_school
IMG_6772 (1)

Whether you are looking for name brands you know and love, characters your kids are fans of, or if you are just looking for a great deal on the perfect Back to School look for your babies, check out Kmart! Remember, everything you see in this post was scooped up for around $80. You literally can’t beat that. It takes all the agita out of BTS shopping. It’s nice to know the kids can look great, love their clothes, and not break the bank for it.

Have you started Back to School shopping yet? Did you get anything from Kmart? 

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