Natalie loves her iPad. This much is fact. She also loves a lot of very cute apps/games that I very much support her playing. There are so many cute and fun, very age appropriate games out there to keep her interested and to get her imagination moving.

Genera Games’ PlayTales, makers of My New Baby and My New Baby 2 – Twins! have just opened the doors of their latest educational game “My Knit Boutique”. This has been a home run with Natalie since jump. And I love that she loves it.


My Knit Boutique is a fun and original game about 7 fashionable friends who all have their own activity in this trendy boutique. You can learn how to knit, cross-stitch, sew and crochet the most amazing designs. You can also find lots of cute Amigurumi patterns or help the girls dress up the themselves but also the mannequins and clean up the windows before the shop opens. Don’t forget the cashier and decorate the boxes with beautiful bows!

Check out this video:

Here Are The Key Features Of The Game!!

  • The first ever knitting app with tons of beautiful designs and hot new trends!
  • Besides being SUPER fashionable, it’s educational! Pair colors, clothes, practice fine motor skills, and much more!
  • 3 different types of activities – design and create, guided activities and free to move!
  • My Knit Boutique is totally text free – everything is guided by narration!
  • Never before seen in an app! Pick between 12 different AMIGURUMI patterns and   choose cash or credit payments at the register!

Give it a shot and let me know if you and your daughter loves it like we do. I bet you’ll be spending more time with her, too…which is worth it’s weight in gold. Have fun!

Download the app on iTunes and Google Play.

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