Vera and Bill 11-17-15 Collage
It’s been 14 years since I got married. It’s pretty crazy how the time flies. As time has passed we’ve grown together in a lot of ways. From our marriage to the kids to the business to the trials and tribulations of life. The key to it all, no matter what happens, is that we always have each other’s back in the end. Through the good times and the bad, we always come out stronger, come out better. That’s the point of getting married and becoming “one.” That’s the rock that a family is built on and, God willing, a family that grows and thrives.
After 14 years you get to the point where you know each other pretty darn well, and know what each other likes and doesn’t like. You also know that when you have 2 strong willed and passionate people, you are always in for some exciting times. You butt heads, you do great things, you do normal every day boring things. It’s those normal everyday boring things that are the really good stuff. Those are the things that enable you to go for the big things. It’s the day to day things that you will always remember.
We’ve taken a whole lot of selfies, and pics aren’t my thing, but I think it’s fitting to have some recent ones here and not pics from 14 years ago.
14 years have passed and she’s still the one I want to do all the boring little things with, as well as the big cool things. Here’s to a few more 14 year anniversaries Vera Sweeney.

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