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It’s holiday time and the living is easy, right? Sure, there’s the stress of shopping and trying to get all your work done before the end of the year, but c’mon. You have more days off now then you do most of the year. Most offices are like ghost towns comes mid-December. Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year and who doesn’t love Christmas?? New Year’s Eve…dope! One thing there’s plenty of this time of year…good feelings and holiday parties. Holiday parties pretty much rock. It’s the time of the year where people seem to let go more than ever. It has to be the highest inappropriate behavior per capita time of the year, by far.

Rum Sangria anyone?

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Sorry, back on track now…

What do most of these good times have in common? Hmmm…let’s really think about this. Unicorns, skydiving, shark cage swimming. No, silly…it’s all about food, fun, friends, and good cheer. Throw in some fresh beats and you should be good to go.

When it’s time to kick the party up and really make the good times roll, I believe in stocking the bar with the good stuff, like BACARDÍ. Premium drinks are a must have. Period. Drinks that speak to you is even more of a must have. BACARDÍ believes that with the right mix of attitude, skill, creativity, and a bit of the unexpected, there’s nothing getting in the way of an epic house party. Done and done. It’s one of the few staples at the bar that turns any man into an untameable man and turns a run-of-the-mill house party into an ultimate house party.

I think when you are looking to have the epic house party, you need good food, good drinks, good friends, and an epic way to transport people…like a tricked out party van maybe? You have to keep it fresh and fun. Sometimes you invite a few friends, sometimes you invite too many. Sometimes you keep it low-key with some awesome eats and killer cocktails. Sometimes you host a Christmas BBQ (yes, you read that correctly) stacked with strong cocktails ribs, and hot dogs in the middle of December. Bottom line, make it fun, make it happy, make people feel welcome. Whenever you bring all of this to the party, you’re going to be alright and the party will be rocking…epic even.

If you’re on the lookout for some good times and searching for the Ultimate House Party, be sure to follow the #BacardiHouseParty tour!

I think it’s about time to get the guest list going and the bar well-stocked for your party. BACARDÍ has created a range of perfectly balanced rums; each with its own interpretation of the BACARDÍ flavor profile. These include BACARDÍ Superior, a light, floral and fruity white rum ideal for mixing; BACARDÍ Gold, a rich golden rum with soft vanilla, spice and oak notes, and BACARDÍ 8 Años, a deep and mellow rum aged for a minimum of eight years.

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