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Christmas is about tradition, and so it being a man. New can be…good, but sticking with the all-American classics you know you can trust is typically the way I like to roll. Whether your celebrating with family, seeing old hometown buddies, rocking out with some eggnog at an office party, or just hanging out at home with your significant other, these grooming essentials from Pert Plus and BRUT not only make getting out the door quick and seamless, but will have you lookin’ and smellin’ better than the freshly cut tree and that tasty honey baked ham. There’s a reason why everyone knows their name, even after all these years, right?


Shower time. It’s a pretty important part of the day. It gets you going, off to a good start. It wakes you up and gets you feeling fresh. Pert Plus 2in1 is the original shampoo and conditioner in one for clean hair that’s conditioned too. Over the years, Pert Plus has grown into an entire line of products for the specific hair needs of all men.

In. Out. Done. I hate wasting time, especially during those hectic mornings. So if you’re a man looking for simple solutions to your everyday problems—you’ve made yourself a good decision. Take a look at all the options you have now to get it done:

Pert Plus ($3.39 for 13.5 oz. | $5.49 for 25.4 oz.):

  • NEW Pert Plus Thickening 2x 2in1: If full hair isn’t enough, double down with Pert Plus Thickening 2x Shampoo + Conditioner
    • The pH balanced fortifying formula is enriched with caffeine, hydrating vitamins and protein-dense minerals to quench dryness and add moisture for fuller and thicker-looking hair
  • Pert Plus Moisturizing 2in1: Dive in head first with Pert Plus Moisturizing Shampoo + Deep Conditioner
    • Formulated to replenish dry, damaged hair into the smooth, healthy hair
    • Fast-acting formula adds moisture, rinses clean and won’t build up
    • Gentle enough for color-treated hair
  • Pert Plus Anti-Dandruff 2in1: Perfect for those winter months – show dandruff the door with Pert Plus Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner
    • Infused with a healing formula that’s pH balanced to eliminate dandruff
  • Pert Plus Classic Clean 2in1: The classic – Shampoo + Medium Conditioner in one formula that adds manageability, rinses clean and won’t build up
    • Transforms normal hair into shiny, healthy hair. Gentle enough for color-treated hair
  • Pert Plus 2in1 Volumizing 2in1: Turn up the volume on fine hair with Pert Plus Volumizing Shampoo + Light Conditioner
    • The lightweight formula rinses clean, won’t build up and won’t weigh down. Turns fine or thinning hair into full, thicker-looking, healthy hair

BRUT Collage

All squeaky clean, right? Woo Hoo! When you’re out of the shower and ready to roll, it’s the perfect time to get your act together and Capture the Essence of Man with these new scents from Brut – Overdrive and Stamina. Overdrive captures the cool, calming and fresh scent of clean white linen with a combination of top citrus notes and green herbaceous. Stamina is a modern, cool masculine scent combining citrus floral top notes and lavender, green herbaceous and fresh grapefruit. Here’s a little more about the new scent dopeness:

BRUT Overdrive and Stamina 48hr Odor Protection Deodorant ($2.49, most major retailers, grocery stores and drug stores):

  • BRUT Splash-On ($7.49; most major retailers, grocery stores and drug stores): Perfect for a quick, cool splash of manliness, a more subtle form of the Cologne perfect for a touchup on the body and face
  • BRUT After Shave ($7.00 for5oz, most major retailers, grocery stores and drug stores): Ideal for tightening skin and closing pores after shaving with a touch of the brands signature scent. Not as strong as the cologne, just enough to be noticeable when in close contact
  • The deodorants provide optimum coverage with Odor Protection Technology lasting up to 48 hours, making this a staple gym bag product

brut collection

Well? Are you ready to get to some good, classically approved cleaning and smelling? I would hope so. We are all civilized on this blog, aren’t we? I think it’s time you went back to the tried and true…hit up some Pert Plus and BRUT for a stellar morning routine. You know you can’t beat it.

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