Daneson: Fine Artisan Toothpicks Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Daneson Toothpicks

After a good meal, I like 2 things…a nice cup of strong cofffee and a toothpick. I like both of these things to be high quality. This is why when I found out about and started using Daneson toothpicks. These toothpicks are the real deal. This is probably what toothpicks were meant to be.

Daneson makes small batch flavored toothpicks with only premium natural ingredients like essential oils and single malt scotch. These oils give their sticks a subtle aroma and an experience that is unique from batch to batch and that changes over time much like a fine wine. The picks are bone-white because they are made from veneer quality A-Grade wood milled from northern white birch in America.

Daneson Toothpicks

But seriously…how does the product perform? When you first try one you are struck by the girth of the toothpick. It’s 2-3 times as wide as a typical, lesser quality toothpick. Using the pick works well and the strength of it leads to no wear at all. It was great. After, I kept it in my mouth for, literally, hours to see how it would last. The taste of cinnamon never faded and the toothpick did not even soften…at all. It was amazing. You can really see, taste, and feel the quality. They are a world above, like a bespoke tailored suit or custom made shoes. It’s just better, plus I loved the blackened tip for a real bad-a*s effect.

Daneson Toothpicks

So, here’s the deal:

  • If you are into high quality, well-made, artisanal products, then you picked the right brand
  • If you like made in well-made American products sourced mostly in America (since all of their suppliers, barring Scotch from Islay and corks from Portugal, are either American or Canadian), then you picked the right brand,
  • If you like eco-conscious brands because for every one tree Daneson uses, they plant one hundred trees with a priority towards non-harvest regions, then you picked the right brand.

Must like any other better quality product, this may cost a bit more than other inferior toothpicks, but it’s well worth it.

Daneson Toothpicks

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