Knot Standard Card Exchange

As we¹re all getting out of holiday celebration and gift mode and into 2016 normalcy, we all must look ourselves in the mirror come to grips with some cold hard facts.

  1. First, you ate and drank entirely too much from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and you don’t even really care
  2. Second, you have to convince yourself that you will get right back into shape as of 1/1/16 and there’s nothing stopping you
  3. Third, it’s time to get back to work, people…break is over
  4. Finally, you have to take stock of all the gifts you received and realize that most of that stack of gift cards are for places we would otherwise never visit

You can go to the gym, eat better, and drag yourself to the office, but what about those darn gift cards? Buy a new tie, toaster, or screwdriver? Forget that! Luckily the guys have our backs!! Sweet, man…sweet.

TODAY (12/31) they¹re trading any unwanted gift cards for credit of equal value toward the purchase of a Knot Standard shirt, suit, blazer, or any other garment or accessory they offer.

You can check out all of the details here:

To celebrate the awesomeness of this event, one (1) Guy and the Blog reader will receive a $25 gift certificate to shop at the Knot Standard!!!

Knot Standard Gift Certificate – Guy and the Blog

To find out even more about all the dope gear at Knot Standard, please check out:

*Guy and the Blog received product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

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