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We have all been to a number of parties, be they in someone’s house or at an outside venue. There’s something very comforting and very easy about throwing or attending a house party. Generally, there will be less expectations and the overall feeling would be more relaxed. People will likely be more comfortable and ready to party and have a good time.

While you typical party includes music and food, drinks is always a fan favorite, sometimes I think you have to mix things up a little bit. Try to make things a little more spicy. Above all, make sure you incorporate drinks people really like. Vera’s favorite has to be BACARDÍ rum.

Here’s a list of some other fun and interesting ideas for hosting your house party. None are too complicated but will really be a lot of fun.

  1. Costume party for no reason: Require your guests wear a real costume to get into the party. You will be the judge, so no dopey T-shirts allowed. Pick a random date since everyone pretty much only wears a costume for Halloween. It will trip people up but make for a lot of fun.Halloween costume
  2. Masquerade party: Yes, this is not new, but it’s not really all that common either. It’s similar to #1 in this list, but not really. You only have to wear a mask, which makes all the difference in the world. See how crazy it is when some people can’t recognize who you are. It’s a trip.
  3. No cell phone party: Ok, get up off the floor and take a deep breath. Yes, you read that correctly Of course people can bring them. I wouldn’t expect someone to leave it at home. But for a span of maybe an hour in the middle of the party, require that all people hand in their phones to be locked away. No distractions, no nonsense, just human interaction. At least for a little while.No Phone Zone
  4. Dress up/dress down party: Pure black tie from the waste up, summertime beach gear from the waist down. Crazy, but that’s the fun of it.
  5. Karaoke: Yes, for some, the word itself brings cringes and groans. Lighten up and have fun with it. It’s not American Idol, so just let if go Simon. Let people cut loose and just be silly, without a care and without judgment. You’ll get into it, I just know you will.
  6. Winter BBQ: Yes, some people may think it’s odd, but forget them. Who doesn’t love burgers, hot dogs, ribs, and cole slaw? No one. Who doesn’t love to see the fire from the grill and smell all of that meat cooking out in nature? No one. So just do it. If need be, set up a fire pit, grab some heaters, maybe even allow people into your house, but bring that summertime good time feel to the dead of winter. People will love it when baby it’s cold outside.
  7. Highlighter party: Everyone has to wear white shirts and bring their own highlighters. Each one will have to write or draw something on someone else’s shirt. Make sure that the highlighter you will see is invisible to the naked eye in the normal lighting. Turn on the black lights and see what’s happening.
  8. Ballroom-style dancing: Bring back the romance of people actually dancing with each other, like Fred Astaire used to.. Bring in an instructor and hit the floor. Once you get going, you will see how fun and how much nicer this style of dancing is compared to today’s bump-n-grind stuff.
  9. Luau/Tiki: Take yourself and your guests away to a tropical paradise. Do it up and decorate the house like mad. Provide grass skirts for the guests, and hand out leis. Make some Mai-Tais and other fruity tropical drinks. Rock the fell-good island music and you’re off.
  10. Casino night: You can do it all ourself, getting all the game-related items, or you can just bring in planners that do it all for you. Create some of your own currency and print it out. You’ll all be high rollers in no time.

What you think? Which of these would you mostly likely throw?

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