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Beer is good. It’s a gift from the heavens and the sheer variety that is available to all of us today is fantastically breathtaking. It brings a small tear to my pretty hazel eyes.

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Anywho, I figured it would be awesome to lay down a list of my top 10 beers from 2015. These were my friends, good, close friends, that you can complain about the stresses of life to. Friends that you can break out when you want to then discard when you don’t. As you will see, I’ve not been in the heavy, more alcoholic, caramel-type beers (Octoberfest beers for example) nor have I been down with brown ales, stouts, and anything that’s “heavy.” I’m not even really into truly hoppy beers either. I’ve mellowed a bit, but palattes and times always change. Now, these are not new beers that just came out in 2015, just what I have been gravitating to this past year.

Without further adieu, a heavy NYC/Long Island centric list, but fine beverages nonetheless.


6) Magic Hat Circus Boy

  • This is a great, light, refreshing, and unique weiss beer. If you’re not familiar, they are citrusy and light yet cloudy and fulfilling. It’s not a “light” beer. This one adds lemongrass as the kicker. This one makes you feel good. 4.5% ABV

Bud Light Lime Bottle

5) Bud Light Lime

  • Yes, you read that correctly. I like Bud Light Limes. They are super easy to drink, ultra refreshing, and, well, light. You can literally drink these things from dusk ’til dawn and not skip a beat. It’s easy, it’s fun. Isn’t that what beer is all about? 4.2% ABV.

Blue Point Mosaic Session IPA

4) Blue Point Mosaic Session IPA

  • Session IPAs are generally not as intense as, say, a true IPA. Hints of fruit, light bite, dry finish. It’s a great IPA that doesn’t bomb your face in a war against sanity. I’m a man, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone with hoppines. This doesn’t need to or try to. Drink up, enjoy. 4.8% ABV

montauk driftwood ale

3) Montauk Driftwood Ale

  • This is a very fine, light IPA. It’s hoppy for sure, but it’s not intense. It’s billed as an English Pale Ale, and you know those Brits are delicate. This beer shows in it’s great taste but smooth drinkability. You can drink this all day and revel in the beachiness of it all. It’s a great brew, not cheap, but good. 6% ABV.

Blue Point Toaster Lager Bottle

2) Blue Point Toasted Lager

  • This is just a great beer. Well balanced, flavorful, delicious beer that you could have your way with for hours on end and not get tired. It’s also a solid 5.5% ABV.


Brooklyn Lager Bottle

1) Brooklyn Lager

  • This has become a old favorite, I’ve loved it since it came out and it’s still just about the best beer I’ve had. Great flavor, good bite, but not too much. It keeps it interesting every time, but it’s a beer you can drink all day and night long without getting beer fatigue. It’s a champ and perennial all-start for me. If you haven’t tried this beer yet, shame on you and a pox on your village. 5.2% ABV.

So there you have it. You can see I’m biased to the locals, but that’s not to say these are not great beers. They are and I think they are good for any situation and for most tastebuds. I’d love to hear your thoughts or maybe see your list. Enjoy.

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