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Not too long ago I decided that it was time to be more like a gentleman, at least a little bit more. I’m trying to dress a little better and just take overall better care of myself. I am almost 40, which is kind of like an adult. One of the big changes I made was to put a little bit more effort into my hair each day. No more just rolling out or bed and maybe throwing some water on my head. One of the products that I’ve found to be really helpful with my new hair endeavor has been Layrite.

In 1999, the founders of Layrite proudly opened the doors of their first Classic Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor. The rockabilly shop was built to emanate a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of a real man’s sanctuary; stepping into our shop in Costa Mesa, California, feels like you’ve just time-warped yourself back into the 40s.

With each haircut, the founders thought more and more about creating a line of their own hair products. An original water-soluble pomade was born and immediately demanded by their customers. Every product that Layrite has created from then on has been produced with the customers’ feedback in mind. As a result, Layrite has become an American Fine Men’s Grooming Product company with a main focus on providing a “modernly classic” grooming product line.

Today, all products are tested and approved by barbers in order to provide Layrite customers with only the finest pomades and grooming products. Below is a little bit about the products that I’ve been using and loving.

Layrite Pomade Collage

Layrite Pomade Collection, 3-Packs ($40, and salons nationwide)

Three cans of celebrities’ favorite Layrite Pomades in a gift box that makes it easy to give the gift of hair love. Plus you save 10% compared to the regular price. Available in Original, Super Hold or Super Shine. Developed to replace the wax that greasers would use in the SoCal rockabilly scene, water-based Layrite pomade holds like a wax, but washes out like a gel! What other pomades call extreme hold, we just call original. The same formula greasers have been trusting for 10 years.


Layrite Cement Hair Clay, SRP: $19 (4 oz.) at

Layrite Cement Hair Clay is an incredible high hold, water-based styling clay that delivers a clean, matte finish that will last all day. The perfect balance of select polymers and waxes with the lowest oil content combine to act like cement, delivering incredible hold with a natural, low shine finish. Unlike other formulas that can weigh hair down by coating it, this formula binds individual hairs together for extreme hold. Water-soluble so it washes out easily and won’t leave build-up behind! For Women: Also perfect for keeping a ponytail or braid in place, or for taming frizz and flyaways!

The great thing about all of these products is that you really have a lot of control in how you want your hair to look. You can easily make a look that’s more natural or more sculpted. No matter the style, you only need to use a tiny bit of product each time, so it really lasts. Finally, it washes out in seconds, it’s really easy to manage.

Layrite strives to represent a culture and brand that put a modern style on a classic look. The masculine, vintage products we produce allow our customers to maintain this style while also adding their own originality to their overall image. After all, Layrite is original, so why shouldn’t you be?

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