Well, if you haven’t seen the pics or can’t gather this from the above, the latest GQ ‘The Body Issue’, is proof positive that there are superior beings among us. Ronaldo and Alexandra could possibly be the most impressive, fit, beautiful pair of people walking on the earth. They are both famous, wealthy, and speak Portuguese (he’s from Portugal and she’s from Brazil), too. Which one is more impressive? It’s pretty much a toss up.

Just look at these pics and tell me you’re not shaking your head…I know. This guys looks exactly like me…

christiano-ronaldo-gq-0216-1 christiano-ronaldo-gq-0216-3 christiano-ronaldo-gq-0216-5 christiano-ronaldo-gq-0216-6 christiano-ronaldo-gq-0216-8 christiano-ronaldo-gq-0216-7

Images courtesy of GQ magazine

What? Crazy. If you want more, be sure to check out GQ here:

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