I like this…a super secretive new purveyor of kicks, and I’m loving who they decided to kick it all of with!! After two years of stealth development, an all-new athletic sneaker startup called Heroyk is announcing their official launch with the release of their debut collection: a blockbuster sneaker line honoring basketball super-legend, Coach Wooden. Nicely done I would say.


Not-Another Startup Brand: Heroyk was built by a group of industry icons & sport legends hungry to disrupt the current market. Just a few notable names from our roster:  Hall of Fame Legend Steve Miller, former Nike innovators Ben Shaffer & Mike Friton (Mad Scientist behind 19+ sneaker patents including Nike’s self lacing Back to The Future Shoe) & Famed Harvard Professor Anita Elberse.


All-New Proprietary Tech: Every aspect of their debut line was thoughtfully crafted to embody Wooden’s spirit, including the all-new tech we created to improve the range of motion of a sneaker, allowing athletes to cut faster and more naturally.


Created in exclusive partnership with the Coach Wooden Estate and IMG, the debut line was artfully crafted to celebrate the lasting cultural impact Wooden had on sports & beyond as ‘the world’s greatest coach’.

Here’s a little bit more about the brand and the shoes, along with some fresh music:

Beyond the new line Heroyk will be rolling out a major 4-week tribute campaign honoring Wooden’s 29-year career with a slew of exclusive hip hop tracks & music videos, a poetry inspired hip hop contest, a fundraiser to support under-educated children in the US, scholarly profiles on Wooden’s cultural impact across sports and more! Here’s a debut music video they’ve released today as part of the kickoff: https://vimeo.com/151550302


How to Say Heroyk? The name was inspired by the original spelling of ‘heroic’ and is pronounced the same.

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