Hypnos Hoodie

I’m not much of a hood person. I prefer hats if I need to keep my pretty little head warm from the elements or, recently, from the imaginary stares of the many looking at my messed up bed head. That being said, if a hoodie was also a vessel to facilitate an awesome, impromptu nap, then maybe I would be in for some action.

Hypnos Hoodie 1

Enter…Hypnos. Designed with the comfort of the modern traveler in mind, Hypnos is redefining the hooded sweatshirt for sleep through an engineered, patent pending pillow system. At Hypnos the focus is on upscale, casual loungewear. Who can argue with that? More effort should be put into easy, comfortable clothes, especially with how informal the world has become.

Hypnos Logo

Here’s the kicker right here. Their new patent pending design system supports the weight of your head and is built with high quality inflatable that is removable for easy washing and resists high pressure in case you run into something while your asleep. Check out this video to feel the comfort:

So this shirt is also a good way for you to sleep. Duuude…what?? Sure, it looks good on you, and let’s you nod off at the drop of a hat, but what about that ladies? Well, hello, the Hypnos looks great on ladies, too. Maybe pick on up for Valentine’s Day? Sleeping is romantic, you know.

Hypnos Hoodie 2

These look great. Looking forward to trying it out one day. To find out more, please check out:

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