Finlandia #4purewater

Listen, you know you like your cocktails. You’re going to drink them anyway. You also like clean water and swimming I would imagine. It would be very odd if you didn’t. Seriously, imagine a world without clean water. The beaches you love—from Coney Island to Montauk—would be toxic. All of your favorite treats—from bagels to cocktails—would be dangerous to consume. That would be terrible. Well, why not make merry and save the planet at the same time!!

One of my favorite locavore foodie pubs, Edible, is partnering with Finlandia Vodka to promote clean water. It’s a noble effort and one we can all support. Check out Finlandia’s new water-centric video series Journey from the Source. It is a fitting act of activism for Finlandia, which already donates 1% of its U.S. sales to pure water initiatives through its partnership with 1% For The Planet.
You can do your part…pick up some Finlandia and Enjoy 1% For the Planet Martini Cocktail.
Finlandia 1% for the planet martini cocktail
What do you think? Can you do it for the planet? Between now and World Water Day on March 22, 2016, join Finlandia and Edible for #4PureWater. Just do it. You’ll thanks yourself in the morning.

Find out more about Finlandia’s clean water efforts here. Drink up and do good.

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