Frey Detergent For Men

Oh yes, you are a modern man of today (or you’re single). You are not “metro” but you still are able to enjoy the magnificent pleasure of laundry. Yes, I know, the excitement is palpable, like a Justin Bieber concert. Whether you really don’t mind doing it or you do it while biting both your upper and lower lip, you still need to use detergent, right? If you are going to use detergent, I think you should be using FREY. The first of its kind, FREY is a detergent perfectly tailored for the 21st century man. It’s detergent for me, baby. It’s a man’s time to shine.

Frey Detergent

So, really, why use FREY? Most of us men are stuck with detergent basically tailored towards women: think brightly colored bottles and scents like “spring breeze” and “lavender.” FREY, mixes a scent inspired from the top men’s colognes with an eco-friendly, designer-label safe, powerful detergent. This detergent helps preserve your garment’s natural colors and feel, lengthens your clothing’s lifespan.

Oh, and 10% of our profits go to 5 charities. Feel great, smell great, and look great with FREY detergent.

Frey Detergent For Men

Let’s talk about the scent. Oak & Musk. It’s made for a man. It oozes manliness. Oak is a symbol of strength and endurance, embodied by its austere scent of wood and wild forest, and Musk, a natural substance matched by no other in its complex, animalistic and earthy aroma, combine with the smoother, sweeter, warmer scent of sandalwood to form our strong base layer. You spray it on your body when you leave the house, why wouldn’t you want to make your clothes just as dope?

Frey Detergent For Men

Men have their own hair products, conditioners, shampoos, grooming products, so why not everyday household products, such as laundry detergent? There’s no good reason, so now there’s FREY.

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