Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson. You may not know exactly who she is right now, but you probably will. Fifty Shades of Grey shot her to the stratosphere and she has more movies on tap coming soon. On this month’s buddy comedy How to be Single, the utterly watchable Dakota Johnson plays it winningly down-to-earth.

Here’s a little bit from the article:

o   On her extra workouts for the Fifty Shades sequels: “I think the human body is so sexy, and if I’m going to be naked, I want to look great.”

o   On dating: “I don’t have a boyfriend-why? You got one for me? Right now I find myself having the capacity to love my family and friends, and that’s it.”

You can see how this attractive girl next door turns on the good looks and the charm in this dope video:

Photographs by Txema Yeste

To see more from the shoot, check out MarieClaire.com.

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