PubWARE Pint Glass

I like a pint or two every once in a while. Yes, it’s one more thing to clean (and I don’t want one more thing to clean), but sometimes leaving the can or bottle behind makes you feel all classy and stuff. How can one argue with a man sipping his suds from a sweet pint glass? You can not.

Glasses, however, tend to do things like break when you drop them. Having funky fresh jams at the house, or simply having fresh and funky kids at your house lead to unwanted and messy spills. It’s even more frustrating than having to wash the glass in the first place.

What is a wanna-be classy beer drinking like myself to do? How’s about Unbreakable Beer Pint Glasses by PubWARE?  PubWARE is a new line from SymGLASS that looks and feels like real glass, but won’t crack, discolor, haze or cloud. It’s the answer to all of our collective prayers. Not only will you be able to sip without worrying about a slip, there’s even more to love.

  1. PubWARE’s Pints (16 oz.) “frost up” better than traditional glass with insulation properties that keep beverages colder longer and won’t “sweat” on the outside.
  2. Beer poured into a PubWARE Pint won’t foam up too quickly, like it will when poured into most plastic cups.
  3. PubWARE allow a beer’s head to form exactly like a traditional glass will.
  4. PubWARE Pints are BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

Bottom line. They work. They look great and they feel great when you’re using them. Plus…hello…they don’t break. Caleb is so annoyed. ;o)

The unbreakable Pubware is also available in a Pub Glass (20 oz.), Stemless Wine Glass (12 oz.) and Old Fashioned (10 oz.) sizes at PubWARE Pints are sold in a set of four for $49.99. Plus, it’s Made in the USA.

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