Scooters are fun. They are easy to ride. They are great on gas. They are easy to park. They are really hitting on all “cylinders” if you ask me. Get it? Simply put, they are pretty sweet rides and a lot of fun.

Genuine Scooters, the largest US based scooter company, today announced the release of their new Venture 50 scooter.


Here are some highlights of the Venture:

  • Three-valve, liquid cooled 49cc engine;
  • 16” front and 14” rear wheels with alloy rims;
  • Dual disc brakes;
  • CVT Transmission;
  • Stylish design lines;
  • Available in favorite Genuine colors of glossy titanium, tangerine, turquoise and white.

The Venture 50 engine size makes it drivable in most states with only a standard auto license and, as restricted, will go 30 MPH at an estimated 100 MPG, along with emitting 1/3 the carbon dioxide per mile. So you are doing very well for your wallet and for the planet. You’re an all around great person, really.


The Venture 50 comes with an industry leading 2-year, unlimited-mile Genuine Confidence Warranty and Roadside Assistance Program, supported by a network of 240 Genuine Authorized Dealers across the country. MSRP of $1,599. I mean, that’s less than what some people pay for an espresso machine. You can’t be awesome and ride around town in an espresso machine.

Founded in 2002, Genuine Scooters has sold more than 50,000 scooters and is “America’s Favorite Scooter Company.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.20.39 PM

Quality, Performance and Price. What are you waiting for? Let your Venture begin! Give it a go…I think you will absolutely love it.

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