Perry Ellsi RED 1Holy smokes, it’s 70 degrees in NY today…and I’m feeling fine. Spring is in the air, folks, and so is National Fragrance Day. It’s coming up quick…Monday, March 21st, 2016 to be exact. That’s less than 2 week away. What is a smelly person to do? Or how about a non-smelly person that just wanted to smell, like, amazing? There are so many options out there in the world of fine fragrances, it can make your head spin. Forget about getting bombarded with spritzes at your local department store…that’s insane. I’m going to give you the dirt on the good stuff I mean, the really good stuff.

PerryEllis’s newest fragrance RED is a powerful and masculine new fragrance, just like me. (What?) is full of notes not to be missed.  Bursting with juniper berries and a hint of citrus, this fragrance embodies fearless confidence and sophistication.

Perry Ellsi RED 2

Here are some details on the Perry Ellis RED, 3.4 fl. oz. $65.00:

  • Fragrance includes an initial burst of juniper berries with a kick of citrus that evolves into deeper notes of red apple, sichuan pepper, red leather, and amber
  • Hints of sage, creamy oak moss and sandalwood unveil a fragrance that embodies fearless confidence and sexy sophistication
  • Available at Macy’s and 

Bottom line. Do you want to smell good? Do you want to smell like a classically cool man? Do you want your lady friend to go crazy when you step into the room? If the answers to these questions are yes (if they are not, we need to have a little bit of a side conference I think), then you should check out RED. I mean, it’s National Fragrance Day, man…do it right.

Completely unrelated, but here’s a little something from Perry Ellis for 2016…to get you in the mood to smell your best…

To find out more about Perry Ellis RED and more, be sure to sniff (get it?) around:

Perry Ellsi RED

Guy and the Blog received a sample of this fragrance for the purpose of smelling awesome for this review. All opinions are my own.

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